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Enjoy the Beauty of Religious Fashion with Kings Reserve

Many questions have been asked about religious jewelry. For some, they are interested in knowing why the religious jewelry is special and the reason behind its ancient and modern popularity. For others, they would love to know why people wear some of them for certain occasions. While all these questions are expected, the in-depth and much needed answers to them have not been provided over time. And that is exactly what this piece is set out to do. Together, let us provide an extensive insight the world of religious fashion and jewelry.

For the sake of history, it is noteworthy to begin with how the ancient Egyptians valued and wore their religious symbols. For them, quite a lot of their religious symbols deserved to be immortalized into jewelry. From the ankh and the scarab, to the snake and the symbol of the eye, these ancient individuals attached a unique meaning to these representations, according to their belief system. If they were not for protection for the living, they would be an unbeatable armor for the already departed souls. Due to these reasons among others, they keep them close for good luck, safety or for love. Perhaps, this was the simplest pointer to how religions across the globe have adopted certain symbols as fashion pieces called jewelry.

What Types of Jewelry Pass as Religious Jewelry?

Apparently, the most recognizable identity of all the religions on the globe is the cross. The cross represents the ultimate symbol of Christianity, and with the glaring significance being that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the believers. Hence, donning cross charms is a renowned method of exhibiting their faith as well as gratitude. 

Apart from the cross, another popular Christian symbol is the fish. The fish, as a symbol, dates back to the first century and has become a means of identification of other Christians, especially in trying times or times of persecution. Then, speaking about Christianity as their fate in the open was a dangerous act to embark on by Christians. Hence, they would draw the fish symbol in the dirt to let others know. Today, however, many Christians now conveniently wear their religious fish jewelry as a proud representational item of their faith.

Other known Christian ornament items include the praying hands pendant, Saints medallions and the dove of peace charm. Any of these worn in gold or silver makes an excellent gift for a baptism, christening or confirmation.

Away from Christianity, another well-known religious symbol is the Star of David –the equivalent of the cross for the Jewish faith, i.e., Judaism. Another Jewish jewelry is the Mezuzah, which is mostly worn as a pendant. A mezuzah is a cylindrical object that is used in holding special words and scriptures on parchment scrolls. They make beautiful pendants or even a charm for a bracelet. The Chai symbol is another famous charm for necklaces and bracelets. It is the Hebrew word for "living."

Why Wear These Symbols?

Religious jewelry is one of the classics in the fashion world. Reasons to buy and wear religious jewelry don't only stop at showing belief; it is an elegant fashion staple as well. There are about as several reasons why anyone could wear religious jewelry as there are kinds of jewelry. First off, religious jewelry is a statement of faith. By wearing a Christian, Jewish jewelry or any other religious fashion item, you are acknowledging and showing others what you believe in.


In addition to being a display of faith, some jewelry pieces are worn for protection. For example, many Saints supposedly look over anyone wearing a medallion with their image. Likewise, the cross has long been perceived as a strong weapon against evil. However, wearing religious jewelry does not always mean a belief in something. There have been times where it has been trendy to be seen wearing a large ornate cross on a long chain.

Religious jewelry also, somehow, gratify the desire of men for Deity. It allows for a perfect mixed expression of faith with fashion. In addition to this, people patronize religious jewelry because it is a perfect gift for various occasions. Perhaps you want to wish your friend safe travels, and you can give them a piece or two of religious jewelry. Or you plan to bring balance to your personal life as well? You can buy religious jewelry as a gift for yourself. With this, you can relish on the goodness that comes from wearing these sacred symbols.

Where to get the best quality religious jewelry?

Kings Reserve is the right place to be for your religious jewelry needs. Our collection spans faiths and styles. Feel free to check our cross pendants, delicate sideways cross bracelets, gorgeous Star of David pieces, superior silver or gold religious jewelry, and beaded vintage saint bracelets and a whole lot more.

Interestingly, all of them come at rather affordable rates. Either for yourself or a friend, you are sure to find a meaningful piece that would suit your need the most.

In addition to religious gifts, the Kings Reserve will soon introduce the Christian Novelty Shirts soon.

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